Dose administration aid (Webster Pak)

Dose administration aid provides a simple way to take the worry out of medications. By having your regular medications packed into a weekly blister pack, you can get the right dose at the right time.

Dose administration aid work well  because:

  • there is a visible reminder to take medication
  • it is easy to see if medication has been taken or notüthey are sealed and secure to prevent spills
  • all age groups can use themüthey are convenient and portableüit gives peace of mind for relatives and loved ones
  • they reduce the amount of medicine in the homeüit is value for money


A Dose Administration Aid is ideal for people:

  • on multiple  medications each day
  • with complicated mediation regimens
  • prone to missing or forgetting doses
  • who want a simpler, more efficient  way to manage their medications


In the pharmacy, we divide and pack your medications into different times of the day (ie breakfast, lunch, dinner, and bedtime) for each day of the week. Our pharmacist double-checks each Dose administration aid to ensure you are having the right medicine at the right time.  When it comes time to take your medications, you open the appropriate spot in the pack and can trust you are getting all your medications correctly.


Next Steps

Review how many medications you are taking each day.  If you are taking three or more medications at different times of the day a Dose administration aid could help you.  So come into the pharmacy and talk to one our pharmacists.

If you care for a loved one and are concerned about the medicine they are taking, please come in and discuss how a Dose administration aid could help them.  We can manage their prescriptions and all their medicine, and each week they will have a  weekly Dose administration aid that will ensure they take the right medicine at the right time.

If you are still unsure, please come into the pharmacy and let one of our pharmacists explain more about how a Dose administration aid could help you manage your medication daily.

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